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We Love Peanut Butter!
Sorry, just kidding.
Jelly Plane is an indie game developer that builds games for people to enjoy on the chrome web store, and soon to android. The company was founded by a 12 year old, and is the head designer, programmer, and creative thinker of the entire company. 

We love design, and we think anything put on the internet, Chrome webstore, or any app store should be well-designed and look good.

Our games are focused on being addictive and just being fun to play. In all of our games, we try to keep the concept and gameplay as original as possible. We want our games to be unique.

All of our games are proudly made on a mac, as well as this website. Here’s some proof:

For those with iPhones, don’t worry. We’re trying to make our games available on iTunes, but right now for legal reasons, we can’t.
Made on a Mac
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