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We’re coming soon, and here are our plans.
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So. A company that makes games. You’re probably wondering (or not) what type of games we make, and where are they going to be available from?

No worries, our answers are right here.

Q: What types of games are you guys making?
A: We’re working on multiple genres, mainly action and puzzle.

Q: What platforms are the games going to be for, and where will they be sold?
A: We’re aiming for our first platform to be the Google Chrome browser and OS via the Chrome web store. Android will come shortly after, and at some point, iOS.

Q: When will your first game come out?
A: We’re aiming from the middle of June to the end of July.

Posted on May 7th, 2012https://chrome.google.com/webstore/shapeimage_7_link_0
Our first game has been released!
You’ve been waiting and we’ve been working on... our first game! Well, both of our efforts have paid off, and now we’re proud to announce Indigo Run. Indigo Run is an endless runner game that... well... read our awesome description below:

You are a small blue man, and you are running through an indigo world full of simple flapping birds and shiny blue hills. However, there are many gaps between the hills on which you travel on, so you must jump your way across. Don’t fall, though, or you will lose! Tap or click the center portion of the screen to jump, and gain high scores by running far. Polished with minimalist pixel art and original 1-bit sound effects, this game is both simple and fun.

Click here to check out the official page for Indigo Run to view the trailer and to get it free from the chrome web store or play it directly.

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Indigo Run 1.1 has been released
We’ve just released our first major update to our game Indigo Run, which includes:

10 Achievements to unlock
You can now jump with the space key
An indicator of a high score mid-game

If you are a current owner of Indigo Run, you don’t have to do anything as the update was done automatically through our servers. If you don’t have Indigo Run yet, you can get it for free on the chrome web store or play it online by clicking here.

Posted on August 26th, 2012Indigo_Run.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0